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24 Hour Absence Line:  949-716-8145
Regular attendance plays an important role in student achievement, so it is our desire that students attend classes regularly and have a successful year. It is imperative for each family to maintain regular communication with the attendance office staff.
ABSENCES: To report your student's absence, please call the attendance line at (949) 716-8145 or email the same day as the absence or within 72 hours. Forgot to call in the absence? No problem! Just reply back to the email with the reason for your student's absence.
When calling the message line, please speak slowly, and clearly spell the full name and grade of your student. Also, please leave one of the reasons for the absence listed below: 
  • Illness
  • Medical appointments
  • Funerals
  • Court Date
  • Religious Event
  • Personal Business: any absence not listed above. For example, non-medical appointments, vacations, oversleeping, etc. Generally, these absences are considered unexcused and it is up to the discretion of the teachers to allow make up work.
TARDIES:  All students must report to the Attendance Office if they are late to school. Students who arrive late to class create a disruption to the classroom teacher regardless of the reason the student is late. If a student is late due to a medical appointment, it is recommended to bring an excuse from the Medical Provider; however, it is not required.
LEAVING SCHOOL EARLY:  If you need to sign out your student for an appointment before the end of the school day, please call our main school line at (949) 831-2622 in the morning and inform the staff the time you will be picking up your student.  When picking up the student, please come to the office and sign them out at the front desk.
TRUANCIES: Any absence that is not cleared by the office within 72 hours (Ed. Code) will become a truancy and disciplinary action may be taken by the Assistant Principal. The school suggests the following: check School Loop or Parent Portal (especially on sub days) to verify roll and respond immediately when uncleared absence emails/phone calls are sent from the school.
ABSENCE ERROR: If a student is marked absent in error, the student needs to report it to their teacher and the teacher will notify the attendance office. The attendance office cannot change period absences without teacher verification.
DELIVERING PERSONAL ITEMS (STUDENT DROP-OFF TABLE): There is a drop off table outside of the attendance office for forgotten items. Since it is our desire to maintain a learning environment that is uninterrupted, the attendance office does not deliver items to students in non-emergency situations. Students are responsible for bringing everything with them at the start of the day. This includes homework, study materials, instruments, uniforms, and lunches. If the student does not know the item is in the office, a message will be sent for the student to pick it up between class, break, or lunch. We appreciate your understanding that instructional time should not be interrupted.
INDEPENDENT STUDY: Students who will be away from school for five or more days, other than illness, may be able to receive class work and remain up-to-date. To request an ISC, please notify the Attendance Office at least ten school days prior to the first day of ISC so that the request can be reviewed. If approved, class assignments may be organized and Parent/Guardian must come to the office to sign the contract. This process helps students to keep up with school work, but there is no substitute for teacher instruction and class interaction so please schedule vacations appropriately.