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Counselor's Corner

AVMS School Counseling

AVMS School Counseling

As the counselors here at AVMS we provide social and emotional counseling, as well as offer academic encouragement and support. We believe that if a student has a sense of well-being and can build a solid foundation by learning to be in charge of his/her emotional life, then school and its responsibilities will become a place of fulfillment, success, and ultimately happiness. 
Students may request counseling services on a self-referral basis or as a parent, you may contact us if you are concerned about your son or daughter.  Conversations between ourselves and your student are confidential, unless your student discloses information that presents clear and imminent danger to the student or others.  Referrals from outside agencies are available.


AVMS has two full-time school counselors:

Phone: 949-831-2622
Cherica Will
Last Names: A-K
Andy Stratton
Last Names: L-Z 
Exceptions to Confidentiality