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AVMS Enrollment FAQ's

My child attends an AVMS Feeder School and we live in the AVMS boundary. What do I need to do to register my child for middle school?  
You do not need to do anything - your child's records will automatically be transferred to AVMS.  You will receive information regarding elective registration from your child's teacher.  Packet Pick Up/Summer Registration information will be sent home via School Messenger and AVMS website.
My child attends a CUSD elementary school outside of AVMS boundary but we live in the AVMS boundaries and want our child to attend AVMS.  What do we do?  
You do not need to do anything.  Your child's records will automatically transfer to AVMS.  Please contact Terri Parnell after March 20th regarding an elective form for your child and visit the AVMS website for the most up to date information. 
My child attends a CUSD school that is not in the AVMS boundary.  We would like them to attend AVMS on SOC.  What do we need to do?  
We are excited that you would like your child to attend AVMS.  Simply go to the school of choice page.  The SOC application must be submitted by March 1st.  
My child is currently not enrolled in a CUSD school and we live in the AVMS boundaries and we want them to attend AVMS.  What do we need to do?  
We are excited that you want your child to attend AVMS.  You simply need to go here and enroll your child.  Once the enrollment is submitted you will receive an email from our Registrar, Ms. Parnell, within 72 hours explaining the next step in the process.
My child is currently not enrolled in a CUSD school, we live in the CUSD boundaries but we are not in the AVMS boundary but we want them to attend AVMS on School of Choice (SOC).  What do we do?   
You must first enroll at your child's home school here and complete the enrollment process and then submit all the necessary paperwork that your home school requires.  After you have completed the enrollment and have been issued an active student ID number, you can submit your SOC application.  The application for SOC must be submitted by March 1st.  
We live outside the CUSD boundaries and I would like my child to attend AVMS.  What do we do?  
You will need to fill out an Inter-District application.  All information regarding Inter-District can be found on the Capistrano Unified School District website.
How do I get my child placed into GATE classes?  
In middle school our classes are English/Social Science Accelerated.  Please refer to the CUSD website for information on how a student qualifies for Accelerated English/Social Science.
How do I get my child placed into Advanced Math classes?  
Incoming 6th graders currently enrolled in CUSD will be given information from their child's 5th grade teacher regarding math placement testing.  Students new to CUSD should refer to the CUSD Math website for math placement and testing information.
What kind of electives do you offer at AVMS?  
AVMS has a variety of electives for your child to choose from.  In 6th grade students can participate in year-long music (band, orchestra or choir) or the "Wheel" which gives students the opportunity to experience one elective per quarter.  Currently our wheel offers, art, home arts, drama, and computers.  7th and 8th graders will take one year long elective. AVMS offers music, STEM,  fine art, Spanish, and Leadership and many more electives.  Elective information can be found here.
Do you have a counselor at AVMS?  
Yes, currently at AVMS we have 2 counselor that handles student's social/emotional needs.  The counselors also deliver counseling lessons that cover a variety of topics such as, stress management, organization, peer relationships, anger management, etc.  The school counselors also run small group sessions, do brief individual counseling, and have referrals for counseling services in the area.
How does my child report something? 
See Something, Say Something. This is a completely anonymous reporting system. Information can be found on the AVMS website.
My child has health issues.  Is there someone at the school that I can speak with?  
Yes, AVMS has an LVN that will speak with you regarding your child's health needs.
How many students do you have in a classroom?  
The district average for our CORE classes (Math, English, Science, Social Science) is 32.5 to 1
How do students access the curriculum?  
Students will use Canvas to access assignments, calendar, email teachers, etc.  Students will also use Google Classroom to work on and submit assignments. Students are issued books for home and there is a set of books for the classroom.
How many classes does a student have to take?  
6th, 7th, and 8th grade students take 6 classes.  Zero Period is offered to a select group of 8th grade students if they meet the criteria.
What does discipline look like at AVMS?  
At AVMS we recognize that students are going to make mistakes and we strongly believe in restorative practices.   During the first week of school we go through our school policy, discipline and expectations with students during our PBIS assembly.  We believe Clear is Kind.  While we do follow a progressive discipline policy, we work with students to understand their mistakes and teach strategies to help support students in navigating situations.  
Do you have lunchtime activities?  
Our Leadership students (ASB and PAL) offer a   variety of activities during lunch.  You will see AVMS students participating in art projects, games, dress up events during lunch.  We also have a digital student store, the "Falcon's Nest" where students can turn in 5 STAR points for prizes.  
What is the 5 Star Program?  
The 5 Star Program is a positive incentive program that all students at AVMS participate in.  The program is based on students' positive behavior both inside and outside the classroom.  Information on how students earn 5 Star points can be found here.
Do 6th grade students dress for PE?  
Yes, all students will dress for PE.  PE clothes can be purchased during walk through registration or through your child's PE teacher.
Do you have a PTA on Campus?  
AVMS has an active PTSA (Parent, Teacher, Student Association).  They are always looking for volunteers to assist with a variety of projects.  If you have questions please contact
Additional Questions?  We are here to help!
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