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Guidance Department Staff

Guidance Secretary 

Terri Parnell- Guidance Secretary -
The Guidance Secretary/Registrar is the first point of contact for parents and students enrolling at Aliso Viejo Middle School.  Should you have any questions regarding enrollment, transferring to another school, or transcript requests, please contact Terri Parnell at (949) 831-2622 during office hours.

Guidance Technician

Mary White – Guidance Technician -
The AVMS Guidance Technician position is Open. The Guidance Technician assists our School Counselors with academic, personal/social, and career topics. They also work on Falcon Service and the school wide Master Schedule for class placement

School Counselors

Cherica Will (A-K) -
Andy Stratton (L-Z) -
Discussions with our counselors are confidential.  Please feel free to contact our counselor if you think your son/daughter may benefit from counseling.  Students may also request to be seen on their own by filling out a Counselor Request Form.

Bilingual Community Services Liaison (Spanish) 

Lindsey Merten -
Our Bilingual Community Services Liaison works with our families who speak both Spanish and English. She provides translation services for families during parent teacher conferences, SSTs, 504s, and IEPs. She connects families with school and community resources. If you need translation services, please contact Lindsey Merten at (949) 831-2622, Monday thru Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.