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Guidance News

Your child’s 7th grade year is right around the corner. To enroll in classes for 7th grade, your child must be fully
immunized or have a new permanent or temporary medical exemption issued through California Immunization
Registry (CAIR ME). Per California State Law, SB277, 7th grade students cannot have personal beliefs exemptions.
If your student had a Permanent Medical Exemption on file, you will need to provide a new medical exemption issued
through CAIR ME. All immunization exemptions expire at the end of 6th grade. If you have not already done so,
we suggest you make plans for your child to receive the necessary immunizations or speak with your physician
regarding permanent or temporary medical exemptions. More information on 7th grade immunization requirements can be found here.
Q - What's the difference between Canvas and Parent Portal?
- The Parent Portal should be used for the following:
  • Annual online summer re-registration is available via the portal, saving time and eliminating the need to complete the large traditional paper packet.
  • Emergency contact information can be updated at any time
  • Real-time period-by-period attendance data
  • Medical information can be viewed and updated
  • The following can be viewed and printed at any time:
    • Report cards and unofficial transcripts
    • Test scores, including college test scores
    • Class schedules
    • Graduation status reports
​     Canvas may be used to:
  • View homework assignments
  • View grades/homework/test scores
  • View attendance from the previous day
  • Receive daily email with grades and homework assignments
  • Email teachers through Canvas; individually or as a group
  • View school news postings
  • Access teacher websites
  • 24/7 365 tutoring program
  • Student access from their CUSD Account