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Social Science

Social Science
At AVMS the Social Science Department works to design, implement, and maintain a coherent curriculum that focuses on inquiry-based critical thinking skills, improving reading comprehension and expository writing ability, and promotes an engaged and knowledgeable citizenry. History, Civics and Government, Geography, Economics, and the social sciences are integral to our shared mission of preparing our students for college, careers, and civic life in a culturally diverse world. These disciplines develop our students’ understanding of the physical world, encourage their participation in our democratic system of government, teach students about our past, inform their financial choices, and improve their ability to make reasoned decisions based upon evidence.
Social Science Teachers

Social Science Teachers

6th Grade

Phil Andrews        
Kalyn Rodriguez  

7th Grade

Melanie Aston      
Gus Stone           

8th Grade

Melanie Aston    
Randy Birtch      
Sara Hosseini    

Education Specialist

Kelli Sheldon    

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