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8th Grade - End of the Year Events

End of Year Activities

8th Grade 
End of Year Activities

Upcoming Events! 
It is time to look ahead to the end of the year's eighth-grade activities. Each activity is outlined in our Activities Packet In order to plan for student attendance at these two events, ASB is offering bundled presale packages. All tickets and permission slips are due by 4:00 PM on May 10th.
Tickets can be purchased online.  Click here for a copy of the Activities Packet.


ASB will be accepting donations to help supplement the costs and fees associated with our event.
If your family is able to help donate we would GREATLY appreciate any amount!
*You can donate online using the link above. 
*You can donate via check made out to AVMS ASB.
*You can donate via cash, dropped off to our Front Office, in an envelope addressed to AVMS ASB/Ms. Hosseini.