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ASB Leadership Team Members

Mrs. Hosseini is the ASB Director as well as a Social Science teacher and Secondary Teaching Assistant Principal.  This is her fourth year here at AVMS. She believes that a positive, connected school community is one where everyone is welcome, has a voice, and feels like part of the Falcon Family! In her free time, she is the President and CEO of a Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Non-Profit for Teens called Your Story Matters.
"I truly believe that mental health and physical health are both equally important for our students. We must find creative ways to encourage, inspire, and motivate our kids every single day. It is vital for schools to create a positive atmosphere during the school day where students feel wanted and accepted. In fact, I would even argue it is integral to their overall success. I am committed to keeping AVMS a campus that focuses on providing engaging activities and a positive school culture to ensure a well-rounded middle school experience."
-Ms. Hosseini
Ms. Hosseini
ASB Cabinet Members

ASB Cabinet Members

President:   Tara Hadavi
Vice President:   Nadia Bonfanti
Treasurer:   Sarah Pikula
Secretary:   Kylie Schneider
Activities Commissioner:   Claire Waite
Sports Commissioner:   Jayden Beltran and Georges Makhoul
Publicity:   Amy Miller
Historian:  Amy Miller
8th Grade President:  Kenzie Schafer
7th Grade President:  Sophie Boyne
6th Grade President:  Rylee Thomas